The Sunday and Festival readings and propers at Mt. Calvary generally follow the "historic" one year series from Lutheran Service Book. The following calendar is included from the Lutheran Lectionary Project at http://sanctus.org/lectionary.html.

Historic Lectionary

Resources on the Lectionary

  • Historic Lectionary - Lutheran, patristic, and other resources for the historic one year lectionary of the Western Church (Pastor Todd Peperkorn, Messiah Lutheran Church, Kenosha, Wisconsin)
  • Lectionary Central - A collection of patristic, reformational, and modern resources for study and use of the Historic Western Eucharistic Lectionary (Anglican site, with Lutheran contributions)
  • Bach Cantatas for the Church Year - An index of J.S. Bach's Cantatas according to the lectionary for which they were designed.
  • One-year resources from the LCMS Commission on Worship (LSB calendar)
  • Historic Propers transcribed into modern notation from historic Lutheran Kirchenordnungen by Sean Daenzer
  • Lessons for Lambs - a series of children's bulletins by Heidi Sias, provided for reproduction in congregations using the Historic Lectionary. The bulletins are intended (1) to prepare children to engage thoughtfully in the ordinary and propers of the Divine Service and (2) to give parents the opportunity to review the Sunday's teaching with their children through the week. They are appropriate for children of various ages with different levels of parental help. These are hosted by www.historiclectionary.org and are offered for a free, with the request that subscribers consider supporting the site.
  • Lutheran Lectionary Project - Stan Lemon's calendar with propers similar (but not identical) to those presented in Lutheran Service Book
  • Lutheran Preaching on the One Year Lectionary
    • Sermons by the Rev. Dr. John Sias, Pastor, Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Colstrip, Montana
    • Sermons by the Rev. David Petersen, Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana
    • Sermons by the Rev. Todd Peperkorn, Messiah Lutheran Church, Kenosha, Wisconsin
    • Sermons by the Rev. Rolf Preus, Pastor, First Confessional Lutheran Parish, ND/MN
  • Preaching from the Whole Bible by Bishop Bo Giertz - background studies coordinated with the Gospels and Epistles of the historic One-Year Lectionary
  • Ecclesiastical Art by Ed Riojas - Higher Things sells an inexpensive disc of exceptional artwork, suitable for bulletin covers for Sundays and Festivals of the one and three year lectionaries.