Links to official entities of our church body

  • LCMS and LCC Institutions of Higher Education

Lutheran mission and service organizations

    • LCMS World Relief and Human Care The mercy arm of the LCMS, reaching out in mercy and compassion to those in need, motivated by Christ and His Gospel, according to the Lutheran confession of the faith.

    • Lutheran World Relief A pan-Lutheran mercy organization and partner of LCMS WRHC in mercy missions worldwide

Online resources

  • for resources on the historic lectionary, see our page on the Lectionary.

Sources for Lutheran books, journals, and magazines

    • Concordia Publishing House (the official publishing house of the LCMS)

    • Northwestern Publishing House(the publishing house of the WELS, another source of generally sound Lutheran materials)

    • Lutheran Legacy (a small, independent Lutheran publishing house, for which Pastor Sias serves on the Board of Directors)

    • Logia (a journal of Lutheran theology, for which Pastor Sias serves as the assistant book review editor)

    • Higher Things, an RSO of the LCMS, publishes Higher Things, an excellent magazine for youth, and holds annual youth gatherings.

Lutheran Church news online

Edifying blogs, internet publications, and internet broadcasts

    • Blogia, the blog of Logia, features timely theological articles and book reviews.

    • Christ For Us, a collection of papers on Justification, Lutheranism, and childrearing by Pastor Rolf Preus.

    • Concordia Historical Institute, historical arm of the LCMS, with online displays and books for sale.

    • CyberBrethren, a Lutheran blog by the Rev. Paul McCain, Publisher at Concordia Publishing House.

    • Issues, Etc., "Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused Talk Radio" Listen live, Monday-Friday, 2-4 p.m. MT, or browse the archive for interesting topics.

    • Liturgy, Hymnody, and Pulpit Quarterly, book reviews by the Worship Chair of the Wyoming District LCMS, the Rev. Paul Cain (Sheridan, WY).

    • Memorial Moments, a daily e-mail devotion from Pastor Scott Murray at Memorial Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas.

    • Worldview Everlasting, a video blog by the Rev. Jonathan Fisk, with edgy, highly-caffeinated presentations on the faith and current events, and the Greek text of the New Testament.

Missions connected to Mount Calvary