5 Things You Can Do To Witness Christ

Post date: Jan 17, 2014 12:14:33 AM

Our Sunday morning study is working through a book Pastor Sias wrote for Concordia Publishing House, entitled 5 Things You Can Do To Witness Christ. Using this little text, we're considering how we live as "witnesses to our Lord Jesus Christ." Five chapters (1) relate our "witness," or "confession" to the unique and authoritative witness of the Apostles and to our participation in the Divine Service; (2) consider the fundamental words of Law and Gospel in the Apostles' witness to who Jesus is and what he does; (3) discover how the central teaching of justification by faith and the Sacraments are not Lutheran add-ons but fundamental to our witness; (4) how we witness in the Christian life, with good works and prayer; and (5) how we address some of the basic "obstacles" our age puts up in the way of hearing God's Word and believing. The book is free. Join us for study and great conversation!